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Who wants to buy your franchise? One (or more) of these 10 personas

June 12, 2020

Defining franchise buyer personas

Franchise buyers now spend two-thirds of their research journey online — scouring the internet for info before speaking with a franchise development professional. It’s imperative to provide great online content in order to earn serious consideration from potential buyers.

The key to producing great content is understanding the needs of your audience. You need to know your buyer so you can provide information and stories that answer their questions, address their pain points, and help them imagine life as an owner of your brand.

What is motivating them to research franchise opportunities? What are the business characteristics they value most? What do they need from your brand, and how are you able to deliver on those needs in a way that drives value for the franchisees and helps them reach their goals?

FPG’s team has more than 100 years of combined experience in franchise development, and we consistently see that franchise buyers fall into 10 broad categories. In the following presentation deck, video and podcast, we discuss the 10 common buyer personas, what motivates them and how their communication styles differ.

Which buyer personas should you be aiming to reach? If you’re not sure, contact us below or join the Franchising Thought Leaders LinkedIn Group to share thoughts and ask questions.

View the presentation deck on SlideShare or watch on YouTube below or listen to the podcast.

The goal of this education series

FPG works with franchise executives and recruitment professionals across a broad swath of the franchise industry, and we’ve seen that many experienced franchisee recruitment managers and executives have not kept up with changes in buyer behavior. We’ve worked with a lot of wonderful people over the years, and we’d like to help.

We’re posting training content and videos about digital marketing, brand storytelling, and other modern techniques, tactics, and strategies to help you reach more potential buyers. This article is Part 2 of 7. Expect Part 3 in about two weeks.

Understanding the franchise buyer journey

PART ONE: covers how people research franchise opportunities and the types of questions you need to answer (and when). This article covers how to communicate effectively with candidates by understanding who is likely to be attracted to your brand.