Your franchise information website should be the cornerstone of your franchise recruitment efforts

Millions of people research franchise opportunities each year

When franchise candidates research potential investments, they spend two-thirds of their research journey online — before they ever talk to a recruiter.


Buyers conduct extensive research before investing in a brand

When FPG studied user behavior on our clients’ websites in 2019, we found that the average lead spends about 20 minutes on a site while the average buyer spends about 3 hours reading the franchise information site.

Based on the content they consumed, revisited, and pored over, we can say with confidence that franchise buyers want to have a strong understanding of both the business model and the culture of your brand. They want to see the numbers. But they also want to see the humanity within the business. They want stories.

Here’s the core of what our franchise information websites deliver:

  • An explanation of your business model
  • Details about the support you offer franchisees
  • An examination of costs and potential ROI
  • A sense of your brand’s culture
  • Storytelling that focuses on your franchisees and leadership, particularly in ways that illustrate the points listed above
  • SEO so your site is likely to rank high in search results
  • Research pages that examine core questions people ask when buying franchises
  • A News & Blog section that can be used to provide frequent updates
  • Clear calls-to-action that boost the percentage of visitors who become leads
  • Mobile- and desktop-friendly designs that are based on user behavior

FPG will analyze your brand, buyer archetypes, goals and budget to determine what platforms from this listing should be used and how.


FPG includes a full digital marketing agency

that specializes in franchise recruitment, and uses modern marketing tools to help brands reach more buyers — not just leads. 

Our toolkit includes:

  • Google advertising (display, CPC and retargeting)
  • Bing advertising (CPC and retargeting)
  • Facebook advertising (display and retargeting)
  • LinkedIn advertising (sponsored content, InMail, and conversation-based ads)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • YouTube advertising Streaming Channel ads (Hulu, Pluto, Tubi, etc.)
  • Programmatic advertising Geo-targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Geo-fencing
  • Geo-framing
  • Copywriting
  • Video production
  • Lead nurture emails and texts
  • E-blasts
FPG will analyze your brand, buyer archetype, goals and budget to determine what platforms from this listing should be used and how.

Our websites are designed specifically for your best buyers

Who are your top-performing franchisees and what do they have in common?

What are their backgrounds? What are their personalities? What dreams and pain points motivate them to take action? What do they hope to accomplish, and why is your brand a strong choice for helping them reach their goals?

These are the questions FPG investigates before we create the content for a website. Franchisees tend to fall into one of 10 broad categories of buyers, and each group evaluates brands a little bit differently. We develop your website’s content with buyer personas in mind, emphasizing different messages and using different communication styles to match the preferences of your best prospects.


  • If you’re not converting at least 2% of your visitors into leads, you probably need a new website.
  • Franchise buyers look for robust content. Short-form copywriting is important, but you need to provide much more info than you typically would for consumer marketing.
  • Your site should inform and engage. Facts, not puffery.
  • The content should be designed for the concerns and communication style of your target buyer.