Outsourced franchise sales & recruitment


FPG’s franchise sales systerms were developed by professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience recruiting franchisees, and we’ve helped clients close more than 4,000 franchise agreements.  We can manage the whole franchise sales process from the moment the lead is generated to the moment the franchise agreement is signed.  FPG recruiters follow a proven process, perfected over thousands of franchise sales transactions and 140 brands.


FPG offers outsourced franchise development solutions for franchisors.  FPG can manage the franchise development in whole (lead generation, outsourced franchise sales, leadership, strategy, and budgeting) or in part.  FPG has a digital agency to generate quality franchise buyers as well as C-level contacts with all major franchise broker groups including FranNet, Franchoice, FranServe,  TES, IFPG, BAI, and others.

We’ve offered our franchise sales expertise to some of the largest brands in the industry, such as Subway, Sports Clips, BrightStar Care, Marco’s Pizza, and Great Clips, and College Hunks.   We had helped our 140 clients close thousands of deals.


FPG includes a full digital marketing agency

that specializes in franchise recruitment, and uses modern marketing tools to help brands reach more buyers — not just leads. 

Our toolkit includes:

  • Google advertising (display, CPC and retargeting)
  • Bing advertising (CPC and retargeting)
  • Facebook advertising (display and retargeting)
  • LinkedIn advertising (sponsored content, InMail, and conversation-based ads)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • YouTube advertising Streaming Channel ads (Hulu, Pluto, Tubi, etc.)
  • Programmatic advertising Geo-targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Geo-fencing
  • Geo-framing
  • Copywriting
  • Video production
  • Lead nurture emails and texts
  • E-blasts
FPG will analyze your brand, buyer archetype, goals and budget to determine what platforms from this listing should be used and how.

The challenges we solve

Finding experienced franchise recruiters. 
FPG provides outsourced recruiters on a full-time or part-time basis depending on the needs of your brand. Our recruiters have strong conversation, presentation and problem-solving skills, but what truly sets our team apart is that they are also well-versed in modern sales techniques such as CRM management, pipeline reporting, and digital marketing. With franchise buyers increasingly using self-directed online research to learn about business opportunities, much of the communication that used to happen over the phone is now happening online. We have the skills to maximize your sales opportunities.

Improving the ROI of your franchise development efforts

By effectively managing your sales pipeline, FPG’s recruiters can help you close more deals and book more revenue, improving the ROI of your franchise recruitment efforts.

By understanding how various marketing efforts are translating into deals, we can lower the cost-per-acquisition of your franchise development advertising and direct dollars to the most effective marketing channels.

We can also save brands money. Many emerging and mid-sized franchise brands do not need a full-time senior-level franchise development director. We provide incremental staffing solutions to help brands access expert talent that fits their needs and budgets.

Simplified oversight

FPG’s team operates at an executive level and can manage all aspects of your franchise development. That includes managing and coaching junior recruiters (yours or ours), providing board-ready reports, and handling franchise marketing efforts. That includes managing relationships with franchise portals, brokers, and third-party advertising partners. Instead of managing a dozen vendors, you only need to keep track of one — us.