Part one in an educational series that will teach franchise recruiters how to be more effective as a qualified franchise candidate’s self-directed research intensifies.

In our last blog post, we expressed serious concerns about the rapidly shifting franchise buyer journey and how more experienced franchisee recruitment managers and executives have not kept up and risked becoming irrelevant in the post-Coronavirus economy and new franchise buying paradigm.

We said we would soon post training content and videos about digital marketing, brand storytelling, and other modern techniques, tactics, and strategies for how to intersect and interact with qualified franchise candidates doing self-directed research and beyond.

Here is our first installment. We start by mind-mapping the entire franchise buyer journey and how a franchisor can use content to direct, influence, and impact them.

1. Start by downloading the slide deck.

2. Then click and watch this one hour video hosted by Dan Hieb (VP of Digital Strategy) and Joe Mathews, (CEO and founder) of Franchise Performance Group. Use the slide deck to follow along. Here is our strategy for helping franchisors recruit hundreds of franchisees per year.

If you see value in this work and wish to bring it to your chain, contact Joe Mathews by submitting your details on the form below.