Lead Generation Mistake #1

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Lead Generation Mistake #1: Don’t Ask a Potential Candidate to Take Action

It’s a fact.

We all make mistakes in our franchise sales lead generation.

One of the most common mistakes I see people make is simply failing to ask for business. This often happens at trade shows and in the sales process when we are talking to live candidates but it happens even more often earlier.

In our lead generation marketing, we often fail to ask for business. Specifically, we fail to ask potential candidates to take a specific action.

This may occur in our press release: we don’t craft a clear boilerplate with a direct link to our franchise sales site along with a clear call to action.

This may happen on our blog postings: we write a thoughtful article but don’t tie up the ending with a clear call to jump to the sales website or start a conversation with a salesperson.

This even happens on franchise portal pages: we bombard people with bullets and sell the benefits without thinking about how to hook a visitor on the page.

In short, with 100% of your lead generation marketing, you have to make sure you craft a clear call to action that gets your potential candidate to snap out of their ‘passivity.’ Take a look at your franchise sales lead generation marketing. If you were a candidate, would you feel the urge to move forward?