Did you ever look at a rapidly growing franchisor and ask yourself, “How did they do that?” Joe Mathews, author of Street Smart Franchising and CEO of Franchise Performance Group, answers that question.

Free eBook explains where high performance franchise sales teams consistently dominate competitive brands

franchise sales breakthrough book
How to Create a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Guaranteed. by Joe Mathews, CEO of Franchise Performance Group and franchise sales expert, documents the 2 brand pillars and 5 Franchise Sales Core Competencies all high growth iconic franchisors possess and what you need to do to mimic their success. This ebook was designed for the busy franchise executive to read cover-to-cover in 60-90 minutes over lunch or on their next plane ride.

The book shares 5 keys areas you need to master to create a breakthrough, and steps you can take to improve in each area.

Those areas are:

1. Lead Generation. How do you intersect franchise buyers who value what you have at their point of interest?

2. Franchise Recruitment Process. How franchise candidate learn about your business over time? How do you determine if you each fit what the other is looking for? Is the recruitment process consistent with the candidates’ franchise buying process?

3. Effective Franchise Recruiters. How effective is your team at recruiting top quality franchise candidates and avoiding costly franchisee recruitment mistakes? How effective are they at telling your brand story and moving candidates through the process towards closure?

4. Departmental Leadership. How is the franchise development team managed? How does the leader track effectiveness? How does the leader conduct pipeline reviews? What is the culture and philosophy of the department?

5. Financing. Are key banking and financing relationships in place, ready to provide franchisees with easy access to start-up and expansion capital?

How to Create a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Guaranteed. is a gift from your colleagues and friends at Franchise Performance Group.

If you receive value from this ebook, please pay it forward by sending it to one franchise executive or franchise salesperson you know who may receive benefit.




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