The FPG difference

Franchise Performance Group recruiters are not franchise sales mercenaries who close as many deals as possible and then ride off into the sunset, long before the operational problems hit the fan. We employ a highly trained, experienced and effective team of franchisee recruiters with many years of experience with high-growth brands.

FPG recruiters work to locate and on-board top franchisee talent who are a culture fit for the company and have what it takes to win.

Franchisee recruitment is a highly nuanced skill which not every recruiter possesses. FPG doesn’t hire the “retread” recruiters who shop their resumes every two to three years because they’re looking for a change of luck. Nor do we we work with “hired guns” who jam unqualified candidates through.

We bring in two layers: Skilled recruiters and skilled franchise sales managers who work with recruiters to strategize on every recruitable and qualified candidate who fills out an application.  

FPG recruiters follow our proven step-by-step franchisee recruitment process, which ensures candidates are qualified, educated on the opportunity, a culture fit and have what it takes to win.

Past and current clients include:


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Why should I outsource?

FPG believes every enduring franchise organization is built on the foundation of profitable franchisees.

The role of franchisee recruitment is to put the most talented franchisee team in the field to drive unit-level economics and support the CEO’s vision, not to close as many deals as possible. Franchisors who work with FPG get to focus on franchisees’ ramp-up and profitability, where the success of the chain is ultimately determined. Franchisors who work with FPG know we are experienced, have high integrity and that we understand what it takes to build an enduring franchise brand.

What’s my investment for a recruiter?

We charge our clients consistent with what they would invest if they hired a full-time franchise recruiter. If the role does not require a full-time person, we pro-rate the amount accordingly. FPG recruiters are more experienced, skilled and productive than the typical recruiter.

Our franchisee recruitment services include:

Franchise Sales

Lead Generation
Lead-Nurturing Content

Outsourced VP-level
Departmental Leadership

Ongoing training
& support for
franchise sales team

Franchise Buyer
Lead Generation

Franchisee Recruitment
Process Design

Ad budget management,
reporting & analytics

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