Do you want to generate leads or franchise buyers?

If you were to attend one of the many franchising conferences where franchise candidate lead generation is discussed, it wouldn’t be long before someone asked, “How many leads does it take to find a franchise buyer?”

FPG’s answer might surprise you: It only takes one lead. But it has to be the right one.

FPG is not really in the business of lead generation. We are in the business of franchise buyer generation. We help franchisors find the right buyers who are looking for a business like theirs. We intersect qualified franchise buyers, who already want what the franchisor offers, at their point of interest with the franchisor’s story.

While millions of people look for franchises each year and hundreds of thousands will fill out contact information, only a small handful actually make investments. Each year, FPG and FranData estimate that only 14,000-20,000 people invest in franchises in the United States. That’s it. And there’s a relatively small pool of franchisors competing for the attention of these few buyers. FPG designs content to attract serious, qualified franchise buyers. We don’t care about lead quantity. To our way of thinking, generating too many leads can take a franchisor’s attention away from assisting motivated buyers.

Lead generation is easy. Franchise buyer generation is a completely different story.

We’ve mastered franchisee recruitment

Each year, almost 2 million people request information about various franchisors. But only about 1% will actually buy a franchise.

Successful franchisors have to figure out how to get to that 1%, and that’s where FPG comes in. We help you create a system for finding highly qualified franchisee talent via lead generation, engaging them through content strategy, educating them on the opportunity with the franchisee recruitment process, showing them how their goals can be met as a franchisee in the art of the deal and capitalizing them properly for success by maintaining financing relationships.

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