Working With Us

Transparency. Authenticity.

Franchise Performance Group achieves breakthroughs by approaching each brand from the mindset of a franchise candidate. We carefully evaluate how the organization adds value to the lives of customers and franchisees. Brands become iconic by delivering more value than they take, by enhancing lives, and by earning loyalty. This loyalty translates into growing revenue streams that drive strong valuations for owners and investors.

We partner with executives to align their organization and processes with the needs of franchisees and franchise candidates, which ultimately attracts more franchisees.


Franchise Performance Group was founded in 2002 to help establish best practices throughout franchising. There are thousands of franchisors operating in the United States, representing dozens of industry sectors. The majority are expert at operating within their industry but struggle to build the organization and systems to fully support and attract franchisees.

Since 2002, FPG has developed a set of systems that, when combined, form a Franchising Flywheel that predictably accelerates results and growth.