The FPG Story

A brief history

Effective recruiting is critical for the growth of any franchise brand, but it’s also a niche skill within the business world.

FPG was founded by Joe Mathews in 2002 to help franchisors improve their franchise development efforts. We started as a sales coaching and consulting company. In 2002, getting leads was pretty easy. Turning those leads into franchisees was where most brands fell down. We’ve already educated a generation of franchise executives and helped them become more effective recruiters, and we continue to help brands improve their franchise recruitment processes to maximize ROI.

Around 2010, lead generation began to get tougher. More franchise brands entered the industry, cluttering franchise portals and making in harder for candidates to identify the most promising brands. At the same time, sites like Zillow and changed research behavior by giving buyers tremendous amounts of information before they needed to speak with a salesperson. The research journey — previously controlled by 1-on-1 conversations with franchise recruiters — moved online.

In 2012, we launched FPG Digital to help clients generate more high-quality leads through robust brand storytelling and state-of-the-art digital marketing. Our digital agency works hand-in-hand with sales teams to analyze lead quality and candidate feedback, and adjust marketing and content efforts to continuously improve recruitment efforts.

We’ve worked with more than 120 brands to help them achieve breakthroughs, and work with 15-20 brands at any given time in order to provide a high-service, consultant-driven approach. More than half of the clients we’ve helped remain in the Entrepreneur 500.


  • 100+ combined years of franchise development experience
  • high-service, consultant-driven approach
  • Full outsourced development solution or support for your existing team
  • Lead generation, outsourced recruitment and coaching, data-driven breakthroughs