Who is FPG Capital?

FPG Capital maintains banking and other financing relationships to help franchisors and their franchisees grow. FPG helps banks and lending institutions understand and take into consideration the uniqueness of each franchisor’s business model, creating programs that best meet the franchisees’ existing and future financial needs.

Financing for new & existing franchisees

• SBA financing for startup, expansion and resales
• 80% loan-to-value
• Working capital loans
• Fleet leasing


FPG works with venture capital firms to acquire or fund smaller franchisors that don’t meet the criteria or the “sweet spot” of many of the established private equity firms in franchising. FPG Capital works hand-in-hand with Franchise Performance Group to provide value-added services create breakthroughs in franchise development, unit-level economics, franchisee-franchisor relations and corporate earnings. We position these franchisors to be acquisitions for larger private equity firms that purchase large franchisors and pay high valuations.

FPG Capital and its partners operate together like a professional sports instructional farm system, infusing the franchisor’s organization with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, habits, strategies, tactics and culture of iconic franchise brands and positioning these franchisors to eventually be acquired by the “big league” equity firms in franchising such as Roark Capital and Sentinel Capital Partners.

FPG Capital Target Franchisor Client

• Strong unit-level economics.
• Proof of concept. You have successfully replicated the concept on a small scale.
• Positive franchisee-franchisor relationship.
• A unique, sustainable and defensible position within your industry.
• A desire to do and be something amazing.

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