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8 Common Traits of the Top Franchise Salespeople in the US.

The 8 traits you want in your next franchisee recruiter. Some surprising research suggests several specific traits to look for in your next important hire to elevate your franchisee recruitment game. Here are 8 traits you should look for in your next franchise recruitment pro, along with the FPG spin on each characteristic:

What Franchisors Can Learn About Buying Behavior From Latest Harvard Business Review

The Internet has changed how people buy. But has it changed how you sell? Harvard Business School faculty member Frank Cespedes and automobile marketing and technology thought leader Jared Hamilton

6 Huge Mistakes Franchisors Make When Outsourcing Franchise Sales

6 Huge Mistakes Franchisors Make When Outsourcing Franchise Sales Organizations that specialize in outsourced franchise sales are springing up faster than ever. Many franchisors think that focusing on until-level economics

Recruiting Skills: 4 Ways to Listen

During a recent conversation with an experienced franchisee recruiter (who had just had a monumental breakthrough by doubling results over a 90-day period), we discussed what “excellent listening” looks like.