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How Much Should You Budget For Franchise Lead Generation?
admin | 26 September

How you should prioritize your franchise lead generation spends to find more buyers It’s that dreaded time of year again.

Why Brand Storytelling Is The New Key To Franchise Lead Generation
admin | 12 September

Professional Storytelling provides content that potential franchise leads crave. Quick, close your eyes and try to recall a business mailing,

Why Your Item 19 Sucks
admin | 23 May

How to Craft a Franchise Earnings Claim That’s Accurate, Precise, and — most importantly, Tells an Engaging Story Franchise Attorney’s

Top Franchise Development Takeaways From the 2013 IFA Conference
admin | 22 February

Want to grow your franchise system in 2013? Pay attention to these changes in the industry: By Joe Mathews and Thomas

The 7 Franchise Lead Generation Changes to Expect in 2013
admin | 26 December

Economic uncertainty, a stagnant economy and tight credit will create an environment where franchisors are going to rely on same store or same franchisee year-over-year increases rather than opening a significant number of new units to drive royalty revenue north of current levels. 2013 will be another bloody year for those franchisors committed to mediocrity. Only operationally excellent brands with strong franchisee validation will see performance gains.

Companies boasting strong unit economics and solid validation have a story to tell and a willing audience of interested would-be franchisees ready to listen. The trick for 2013 is connecting the two. The way prospective franchisees and franchisors connect will continue to evolve in 2013 according to 7 distinct patterns.

Key Takeaways from the 2012 Franchise Update Conference
admin | 15 October

Franchising fights back from recession, but performance gaps keep many companies from expanding By Joe Mathews and [googleplusauthor] “Franchise Sage”

The New Lead Generation Winning Formula: What it Takes to Engage Quality Leads
admin | 14 September

Hint: They are starving for specific information – are you satisfying their appetite? by [googleplusauthor] and Joe Mathews On average,

3 Franchise Lead Generation Reports You Can’t Live Without
admin | 13 August

[googleplusauthor] Base your budgetary decisions on real data and achieve your goal much more quickly By Thomas Scott OK, I

cartoon shows a comedian, a faithful sidekick, an action hero and a private investigator. This illustrates the major communication styles and information needs of different personality types.
Behavior Styles in Franchising
admin | 13 August

By: Deb Evans Developing Peak Performing Franchisees is a project that Joe Mathews and I have worked on since March. I

What Is Google Penguin and How Does it Affect My Franchise Opportunity Website?
admin | 30 July

[googleplusauthor] Google wants you to publish more content about your franchise opportunity if you want to rank highly for key

Image of Bill Knight
How Can Brand Storytelling Boost Franchise Sales Lead Generation? Just Ask Chem-Dry
admin | 24 July

Bill Knight, VP of Franchise Development for Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning How Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning used brand storytelling and organic search

Lifecycle of a Franchisee
admin | 31 May

From the E book Developing Peak Performing Franchisees by Joe Mathews Every new franchisee goes through an intense period of

Takeaways from the 2012 IFA Conference
admin | 15 February

Our Top 10 Takeaways from the IFA Convention By Joe Mathews and Thomas Scott Franchise Performance Group This year’s International