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Increase franchise sales results with fewer leads
admin | 14 September

A conversation with Renuka Salinger, Vice President of Franchise Development for Camp Bow Wow® In any given year, fewer than

Why 98% of top franchise recruiters in recent survey are married
admin | 6 July

There is an old saying among old psychologists, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Assuming this is at least somewhat true, we took the top 10 characteristics they say create a happy marriage and examined how these same characteristics create a top-notch franchisee recruiter.

8 Common Traits of the Top Franchise Salespeople in the US.
admin | 6 July

The 8 traits you want in your next franchisee recruiter. Some surprising research suggests several specific traits to look for in your next important hire to elevate your franchisee recruitment game. Here are 8 traits you should look for in your next franchise recruitment pro, along with the FPG spin on each characteristic:

What Franchisors Can Learn About Buying Behavior From Latest Harvard Business Review
admin | 25 March

The Internet has changed how people buy. But has it changed how you sell? Harvard Business School faculty member Frank

A big takeaway from the IFA
admin | 7 March

The franchise sales problem franchisors never talk about: Do we have a lead generation problem or a value creation problem? I

Paul Pickett of Wild Birds Unlimited Destroys the Myth “I need more leads to close more deals”
admin | 23 February

Paul Pickett, franchise recruitment expert and Chief Development Officer for Wild Birds Unlimited, dropped a million-dollar nugget at this year’s

Going to the IFA? Here’s how to come home with a franchise sales breakthrough
admin | 18 February

During a franchise sales panel discussion at the IFA Convention several years ago, I watched former IFA Chairman and PostNet

Four FPG clients win awards for franchise recruitment websites
admin | 19 October

Bach to Rock named best franchise recruitment website by Franchise Update; Chem-Dry, Christian Brothers Automotive, and DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen also

Create a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Guaranteed.
admin | 7 October

Did you ever look at a rapidly growing franchisor and ask yourself, “How did they do that?” Joe Mathews, author of

Game-Changing Trends in Franchise Financing
admin | 22 September

Banks say they want to lend, yet many franchisors say they can’t get loans for new franchisees. Here’s how FPG

How to Use SEO and PPC to Generate Better Franchise Leads
admin | 20 May

Smart use of these tactics can make a big difference in your results

Franchise Development Takeaways from the 2015 International Franchise Association Convention
admin | 22 February

This year’s International Franchise Association theme summed up a pressing problem that has been hamstringing the franchise industry throughout the recession and beyond: franchisors, especially franchise development executives and recruiters, have been slow to adapt their practices to meet changing and more self-directed franchise buyer behavior.

7 Top Performing Franchise Development People You Never Hear About
admin | 13 February

The franchise industry is unique in American business; unlike most industries where companies hold tactics and strategies close to the chest, franchise executives are often keen to share best practices.