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2018 Franchisee Recruitment Trends and Strategies
admin | 4 January

Disruption is the New Normal By Joe Mathews Founder and CEO, Franchise Performance Group (FPG) In 2018, franchisors and brokers

Where Most Franchisors Break
admin | 6 October

Why 8 out of 10 franchisors peak before they are sustainable and how to avoid their costly mistakes. By Joe

Franchisor Life Cycles
admin | 30 August

From Early Stage to Iconic and Everything In-between By Joe Mathews, CEO and Founder of Franchise Performance Group (FPG) Regardless

Is the Franchising Bubble Ready to Burst?
admin | 31 July

Why Franchising May Soon Experience a Massive Correction By Joe Mathews, CEO Franchise Performance Group (FPG) Recently, I was invited

FPG CEO Joe Mathews on franchise buyer communication
admin | 26 June

In the latest issue of Franchise Update, Franchise Performance Group CEO Joe Mathews discusses the four main types of franchise

Why You May Want to Own a Seasonal Business
admin | 18 April

By Joe Mathews, CEO of Franchise Performance Group and author Street Smart Franchising In over 30 years of helping thousands

The Four Franchise Buying Styles
admin | 29 March

In the early 1920s, an American psychologist named William Moulton Marston  subscribed to the idea that there are four dominant

2016 Franchise Sales Lead Generation Trends and Results
admin | 19 January

Franchise Performance Group and FranConnect analyze franchising industry buyer trends from 2016 and show what’s changing and how franchisors need to respond.

A Franchising Fairy Tale
admin | 8 December

Are you headed toward a happily ever after or will you be felled by the woodsman? A long time ago

What franchisors can learn from the election of Donald Trump
admin | 17 November

An open letter to franchising thought leaders on what the surprise result means for franchisors By Joe Mathews, FPG CEO

Create a franchise opportunity ownership experience
admin | 12 October

Over the last 15 years we have seen several shifts in the conventional wisdom of how franchisors view their franchise

Increase franchise sales results with fewer leads
admin | 14 September

A conversation with Renuka Salinger, Vice President of Franchise Development for Camp Bow Wow® In any given year, fewer than

Why 98% of top franchise recruiters in recent survey are married
admin | 6 July

There is an old saying among old psychologists, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Assuming this is at least somewhat true, we took the top 10 characteristics they say create a happy marriage and examined how these same characteristics create a top-notch franchisee recruiter.