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A man stands atop a jagged upwards arrow made of vines, set against a blue sky, bending over with an orange watering can and pouring water on the vines to make them grow.
5 Key Indicators of Franchisor Success
Dan Hieb | 25 February

The marketplace always rewards franchise opportunities demonstrating the following two characteristics: Positive franchisee validation and strong unit-level economics. Since highly

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How Success Creates Failure in Franchising
Dianna Bailer | 10 December

In a career spanning over 30 years working with over 120 different franchise brands, I’ve been around long enough to

A white jigsaw puzzle sits on a red mat. One piece is missing and in the missing space it says "Solution." A hand is pulling away a puzzle piece that says "Problem."
Franchise Lead Generation Best Practices for 2019
Dan Hieb | 15 November

Focus your efforts on buyers. Here’s how to reach them. By Dan Hieb, VP of Digital Strategy Millions of people

2019 Franchising Trends and Predictions
Dianna Bailer | 26 October

Over the last few months I’ve traveled thousands of miles, drunk way too much coffee, and participated in multiple franchising

Franchise Sales Should Look Beyond Lead Generation, Serve Content for Full Recruitment Cycle
Dianna Bailer | 23 August

Shifts in Franchise Buyer Behavior Demands Franchisors Change Tactics Five years ago, about 80% of franchise candidates would research and

Creating a Franchise Sales Breakthrough: A Case Study
Dianna Bailer | 2 August

FPG’s Process for Analysis, Problem Identification, Strategy and Execution After talking to many franchisor CEOs and tracking clients’ progress, FPG’s

Perfecting Your Value Chain
Dianna Bailer | 30 May

HOW CUSTOMERS DEFINE A BRAND’S VALUE In our series on the Franchise Flywheel Effect, we’ve been examining the factors that can

How Franchise Candidates Define Value
Dianna Bailer | 17 May

PERFECTING YOUR VALUE CHAIN Peak-performing national franchise brands relate to franchising different than Early Stage, Emerging, and Turnaround brands. Leadership

The Franchise Flywheel Effect
Dianna Bailer | 2 May

By Joe Mathews, CEO and Founder of Franchise Performance Group, Author of Street Smart Franchising In our 30 years of experience

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The Best Predictors of a Franchisor’s Success
admin | 17 April

Cartoon character Homer Simpson was driving down the street when his engine light suddenly went on. Homer pulled over, broke

Open Letter to Smart Franchisors
admin | 5 April

Capitalize on the Current Market Disruption It was September 29, 2008. I was sitting in the second row at the

An A&W restaurant drive-thru.
How A&W’s Culture Shift Created a Comeback
admin | 27 February

The brand leadership and franchisees worked together to revive the brand By Joe Mathews Founder, Franchise Performance Group I believe

2018 Franchising Trend: A Move Toward Outsourcing
admin | 24 January

How franchisors can grow by outsourcing recruitment strategy, lead generation and departmental leadership By Joe Mathews Founder and CEO, Franchise