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Illustration shows a hand reaching out to a glowing monitor that sales CRM and shows icons representing "processes" and "reports."
Franchise Sales Performance Data for 2020
Franchise Performance Group | 26 June

Highlights from FranConnect’s annual Franchise Sales Index report Want to know how your franchise recruitment efforts stack up against the

franchise buyer personas
Who wants to buy your franchise? One (or more) of these 10 personas
Franchise Performance Group | 12 June

Defining franchise buyer personas Franchise buyers now spend two-thirds of their research journey online — scouring the internet for info

franchise development website
Why Your Franchise Opportunity Website is the Most Important Tool in Your Franchise Development Toolbox
Franchise Performance Group | 11 June

You have a great brand. Your franchisees are happy. But you’re still not hitting your franchise recruitment goals.  Why? Brands

outsourcing franchise development
Comparing your options for outsourced franchise sales
Franchise Performance Group | 1 June

As franchisors downsize their internal franchise development departments, here are two options for franchise recruitment.   Franchisors are planning how they

franchise development
Franchise Lead Generation Best Practices for 2020
Franchise Performance Group | 27 May

Generate Buyers, Not Just Leads Millions of people research franchise opportunities each year. Very few of them become buyers. Of

a chart shows the steps in the franchise buyer journey and the questions typical of each stage. Use this link to watch the video:
Understanding the Franchise Buyer Journey
Franchise Performance Group | 27 May

Part one in an educational series that will teach franchise recruiters how to be more effective as a qualified franchise

A street sign saying: Old business to the left, new business to the right
How franchise salespeople and franchise developers can stay relevant in the post-coronavirus bounceback
Franchise Performance Group | 15 April

I received a call today from a colleague I have known for over 25 years. He is a coronavirus economy

covid 19 coronavirus
How franchisors can blunt the coronavirus impact on their business
Franchise Performance Group | 18 March

The article that previously appeared on this page has been removed due to some negative feedback. It is never FPG’s

Franchise Performance group
IFA Conference 2020: The Year of Execution
Franchise Performance Group | 2 March

Each year at the IFA, breakout sessions and roundtables cover a wide variety of topics. You can tell where franchisors

The Impact of Corporate Culture on a Franchisor’s Success
Franchise Performance Group | 31 January

By Franchise Performance Group’s CEO and Founder, Joe Mathews. Ultimately, franchising is a two-metric business. The first metric is unit-level

In the land of benchwarmers and black swans, consider PE’s impact
Franchise Performance Group | 29 January

BY ALICIA MILLER of FPG – AS PUBLISHED IN FRANCHISE TIMES It’s a buyer’s market out there. Consider how many

2020 written on a highway road with a yellow middle line
Time to deploy brutal honesty for effective 2020 development
Franchise Performance Group | 3 January

In this month’s Franchise Times Magazine, hear from FPG’s very own Alicia Miller on the smart approach to franchising in

Future of Franchising Download
Future of Franchising – Free book download
Franchise Performance Group | 3 June

Invitation to contribute Franchise Performance Group announces the launch of The Future of Franchising, Forward-Thinking Strategies to Build a National