Our Story

FPG was founded in 2002 by 30-year franchising veteran Joe Mathews. Mathews worked as a recruitment manager for Subway when they hit their tipping point.  FPG was built under the premise that franchising is a business unto itself and certain strategies to grow a franchisor will work across industries, investment levels and brands.  Since then, FPG has invented and perfected a franchisee recruitment system which is proven to accelerate a franchisor’s growth, driving revenues, royalties and equity value.

Our five-pronged approach
to franchisor growth

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Improving franchise buyer generation by utilizing the latest in digital marketing strategies. We help franchisors intersect with franchise buyers at the point where they’re looking for businesses like the franchisor’s, which means when they’re researching businesses online.


Designing franchise opportunity websites with compelling brand stories that create emotional engagement and entice franchise buyers to have a discussion with your franchisee recruiters.


Constructing step-by-step franchisee recruitment processes and lead-nurturing content, which ensures franchise buyers are qualified, capitalized, educated, have what it takes to win and are a culture fit for the organization.


Franchisee recruitment on an outsourced basis, ensuring franchisors are maximizing their opportunity to recruit top-quality franchise buyers.


Maintaining executive-level financing relationships so franchisors can offer franchise buyers inexpensive access to capital resources for franchisee startups, expansions and resales.

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