Franchise sales hit a wall? Talk to us about how we have helped companies in every sector of franchising create breakthroughs in results.

What We Do

Franchise Lead Generation Services

Franchise lead generation is changing and few companies are able to keep pace. Learn how FPG can improve your lead generation results and lower your budget.

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Outsourced Franchise Sales

Creating a breakthrough requires more skill and experience than most franchise salespeople have. Learn how you can leverage our experience and produce results using outsourced recruiters.

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Franchise Development Consulting

It takes more than a budget and good lead generation to grow a franchise system. Learn how we can help you set up a high performance sale process, train salespeople and understand who to target.

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Expansion Capital

Do you have a strong business model but are undercapitalized? Do you have a shot at becoming an iconic American brand? FPG Capital invests money and skills in helping chains become iconic.

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Franchise sales is our specialty

We specialize in franchise lead generation, franchise opportunity website design, and improving franchise sales results

Each year only 14,000 to 17,000 people invest in a franchise.  Are they finding you?  Are you having a hard time cutting through the competitive clutter and getting noticed by qualified buyers?  Are you losing deals you think you should have closed? Are you tired of running neck-and-neck with your competition and want to pull away? Are you frustrated with spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on franchise lead generation with little to show for the money and effort?

We improve lead generation quality. We create highly engaged franchise buyers. We improve franchise sales teams’ performance. We drive franchise sales results. We create breakthroughs in franchise sales results.

franchise sales and franchise lead generation

Since 2002, Franchise Performance Group has worked with companies in every segment of franchising and have helped many franchisors achieve a franchise sales breakthrough. We developed the winning formula for helping franchisors accelerate growth and achieve their growth objectives in this competitive economy.

Our tools are simple:

  • Cutting edge franchise buyer lead generation (Franchise sales website design, brand storytelling content strategies)
  • franchise sales process design
  • franchise sales force assessment, training, ongoing coaching and skill development
  • Outsourced franchise sales
  • SBA financing
  • Strategic consulting to improve the value proposition of the business

FPG book includes practical tips for improving franchise sales.To learn exactly how FPG drives franchise sales results for clients, download our complimentary book.
 How to Create a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Guaranteed. 

The FPG Difference

We are students of franchising who have learned what it takes to build a national franchise brand.  We challenge the stale, tired, conventional tactics and ways of thinking which is producing industry wide diminishing franchise sales returns.  We wrote four books on successful franchising: Street Smart Franchising, The Franchise Sales Tipping Point, and Developing Peak Performing Franchisees, and our newest book How to Create a Franchise Sales Breakthrough. Guaranteed. 

street smart franchising coverCreating, documenting, and implementing what it takes to create an iconic American franchise brand is what keeps us up at night.  It lights us up.  It’s who we are.  It’s our God-given calling.

If you have an undifferentiated “me too” franchise brand and you want to pump it up and dump it later, we aren’t what you are looking for.  But if you have a chance to create something unique and special…a beloved brand that outlives all of us…you will not find a company that will take it as seriously as we do and deliver the results we can.  Reach out to us and let us know who you are.

Listen to what our clients say:

Don Fertman, Chief Development Officer for Subway, “When we needed some outside assistance we chose Franchise Performance Group. They bring a level of understanding of franchisee recruitment that few in franchising possess.”

Shelly Sun, CEO and Co-Founder of BrightStar Healthcare said, “Franchise Performance Group helped us achieve our first breakthrough in franchise sales results.”

Art Coley, former CEO of Alphagraphics, “I have worked with Joe Mathews of Franchise Performance Group for nearly ten years.  Our franchise sales training and strategies resulted in a significant double-digit increase.”

We understand franchise buyers

We learned franchise sales from the trenches. We’ve spent much of our careers recruiting franchisees.  We have owned franchisees and know what the buying process is like from first hand experience. We also held many executive positions within franchisors and know how every major role in a franchise system works.  We’ve been a supplier to franchisors for years.  We have seen every angle of franchising. Most importantly, we have a long history scaling franchise systems of all sizes.

Curious to see if we can help you scale your franchise system? Fill out our contact form and start a conversation with us.